A New Care Option Helps Vulnerable
Populations Manage Diabetes

The BlueStar® Diabetes Platform Takes Patient Self-Management to the Next Level

Type 2 diabetes disproportionately affects vulnerable populations, and poor management increases the risk of premature death, according to studies. Health systems need new tools for patients to access care remotely so they can improve self-management and impact health outcomes.

One of the country’s largest safety net health systems partnered with Welldoc to implement a digital health platform for diabetes aimed at improving blood glucose management. Enter the BlueStar® diabetes platform.

Download the case study and learn more about:

  • How BlueStar® delivered tailored guidance, weekly reports, medication reminders, and motivational messages – in both English and Spanish – to the patient population.
  • The ways the BlueStar® diabetes platform impacts patient engagement and, ultimately, health, underscoring the critical role technology can play in impacting the health and lives of patients with poorly-controlled diabetes.

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