Study Shows Real-World Diabetes
Results with Welldoc's Digital Coaching

Engaging Members Through Digital Health Platform Impacts Self-Care, ER Visits, and Healthcare Costs

With approximately half of the people living with diabetes not achieving glycemic targets, the need for better self-management is urgent. Real-time support powered by technology could be key to improving daily self-care and engagement.

LifeScan, a world leader in blood glucose monitoring and maker of the OneTouch® brand, and Welldoc present findings of a real-world observational study with one of the country’s leading health plans.* The study was designed to determine if people with type 2 diabetes would see improved health outcomes with the integration of the Welldoc technology into diabetes management activities.

Download the case study "Welldoc's Digital Coaching Yields Real-World Results" to see how getting members more engaged with their health management could help improve outcomes.

* The study findings show people with type 2 diabetes who used LifeScan’s OneTouch Reveal® Plus app, powered by Welldoc’s BlueStar®, saw improved health outcomes with clinically significant reductions in A1C lab values and average blood glucose levels after three and six months.

Download "Welldoc's Digital Coaching Yields Real-World Results"